Natural Building, Day 1

The first day of Koinonia Farm’s first Natural Building Workshop was tremendous. After learning more about Koinonia’s history and getting the basics in a variety of natural building modalities, the students were itching to get out in the sunshine and get to work. They spent the afternoon splitting bamboo to be used as lath for mud plaster, stripping cedar bark from the structural poles, preparing a drainage trench to redirect water away from the building, and supervising some hard-working kids.
Wayne Weisman of the Permaculture Project and Cliff Davis of Spiral Ridge Permaculture will spend the next few days sharing their natural building expertise and letting the creative energy of the students take hold. I’ll be posting our progress each day, to show you what our 13 students (plus some community members and homeschool cooperative kids) can accomplish in 4 days’ time!

Wayne giving a breakdown of the building design.


Brendan and Cliff, sharpening tools


Juby with the split bamboo lath, Alex stripping bark from a cedar post


Ryan and Michael, taking a break from digging the drainage trench


Kellan, age 4, using a draw knife to strip cedar poles


The first post is set! And Cliff and Nicole hanging the bamboo lath


The Prendergast girls, hard at work! Ida, age 7, loves the patterns that insects created under the bark


Happy students = happy teacher!

More to come…


2 Responses

  1. Good times.. good times! So happy to be back here at Koinonia too!

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