Natural Building, Day 3

Intensity was the name of the game today. From the early-morning cob-making, to noontime truss-setting, to a trio of techniques in the afternoon, to a spontaneous talent show/ drum circle. Yesterday’s persistence at the building framing paid off. Everyone’s energy level is high, and the rapid transformation is unbelievable. A week ago today, Cliff had not yet arrived at Koinonia and Wayne hadn’t yet begun the front yard swales. Tomorrow we will be putting the finishing touches on the building…but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:


Homeschool Cooperative students, getting in on the cob oven construction


Cob is all about community...all ages and lots of fun!


The first layer going around the oven sand form. Trinity and Ida showing Wayne how it's done


Alex and Julie hard at work...nearly finished by lunchtime.


Hey mom, look what we helped build!


Ryan and Alex tamping down the central slip-straw wall, one section at a time


Nicole and Ned moving right along...


Barry takes it to the next level.


Mike, Josh and Cliff filling the first earth bag for the base of the outer wall.


Happy Brendan!


Cliff, tamping the earth bags


Nicole learning to mix earth plaster


The "aha!" moment...getting the plaster just right


Alex and Sunny applying earth plaster to bamboo lath


David and Penryn filling the gaps with cob


With all this activity, even the bunnies are tired.


Plaster wall complete!

Grand finale coming tomorrow night!


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  1. Gorgeous set of photos.. such great memories.. and I just realized the bamboo stuff is called lath! not wattle! aaaah. I would recommend this course to anyone.. you will learn heaps and you will enjoy four days of reverting to childhood and plenty of energizing activity…

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