Natural Building, Day 4…Only the Beginning

The last day of class was great fun. I finally had to get my feet in the mud, the roof is installed, all but one wall is finished. We got creative with glass bottle inserts and some all-natural wall hooks for the humanure room. So much love goes into hand-built walls, that this little corner of Koinonia Farm is radiating with agape energy. Nicole is staying on for a couple of days to help us finish the last section of cob. There are plans in the works for a 2012 workshop, stay tuned for more details. Koinonia was a front-runner for affordable housing back in the 1970’s, perhaps we will have the chance to revolutionize the way Americans build in the 21st century? Who knows…for now, thanks to everyone for the best time I’ve had all year:


This is where we left off the day before...


Mike, Ryan and Sara, our artists from Baltimore


By 3pm half of the cob was done. Glass bottle inserts in the earthbag wall will form the shape of a cross.


Earthbag wall


Slip straw + cob + bottles = highly functional art!


Burlap sack lining before the metal roof was on


Couldn't help but smile when Brendan and I were dancing to mix the cob


Bare feet are the best tools for mixing clay, sand and straw


Cliff and Barry nail the roof down tight


So happy together!


Our new friend Sage kept us stocked with snacks while we worked


Christina gets out of the kitchen and into the clay


Sand plaster applied to earthbag wall


Entrance to new humanure toilet room


Pretty colors


Goat's horns embedded in the cob become hooks in the humanure room


Brendan's cob-stained feet

I can honestly say that life will never be the same after this experience. As Nicole put it, it’s so empowering to know that we can build our own houses out of the freely-available materials provided to us by the Earth’s abundance. Can’t wait for the next earth-built blitz!


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  1. Just been looking through my own pics..what a blast, what an achievement.. felt so good working in a group towards a common end and getting our hands in the dirt is healthy! Thanks for posting these pics and for the reminder of another blissful sojourn at Koinonia… The plaster on the earth bag wall looks great..Nicole must’ve done that after we left… Feels strange to be back here..missing y’all…

    Definitely feel like it is just the beginning for all of us!

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