Upcoming Events

Koinonia Farm Permaculture Design Course
October 15-22, 2011

Permaculture is about designing regenerative human habitats and sustainable food production systems. It can be applied in virtually any ecosystem, landscape or cityscape at a large or small scale. As a graduate of the PDC, you will attain the knowledge, thought processes and practical application skills to design landscapes and cityscapes that will restore urban, suburban and rural human communities into productive and beautiful habitats.

This training runs Saturday through Saturday and includes required pre-course study materials that must be completed prior to attending classes at Koinonia. You will receive pre-course materials in your confirmation e-mail following registration. Click here to read more and register now.

Natural Building Workshop
October 23-26, 2011

 Come for the 8-day PDC and stay for four more days of Natural Building instruction. Includes an overview of various natural building techniques including straw bale, rammed earth and cob construction, as well as hands-on experience right here at Koinonia. Also taught by Wayne Weisman, details of the course coming soon! Registration forms and more information here.

Our instructor is Wayne Weisman of the Permaculture Project, LLC.

Visit the Koinonia events page to learn more about either course. Contact Sarah Prendergast sarah@koinoniapartners.org if you have any further questions.


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